Areas of Expertise

- Litigation & Arbitration

The lawyers of TheLawFirm have successfully handled numerous cases, from ordinary day to day disputes to complex litigation, in many cases of conflicting and cross-border jurisdiction, thus our litigation and arbitration reputation is ever growing and we maintain an excellent track record. We have handled multi-million pound commercial disputes, to disputes involving private individuals. Furthermore, we have significant experience and expertise in Arbitration before all Arbitration Panels, as we have represented many clients before Arbitral Tribunals formed under of the Code of Civil Procedure, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), etc.

Last but not least, we possess broad experience in matters of enforcement and execution law and we can handle complex issues of the Civil Procedural Law and Private International Law.

We have a very straightforward approach to the resolution of disputes: we want our clients to win. Thus, we are aggressive during litigation but we at all times try to establish what a win is for the client in the specific circumstances.

- Public Tenders and Public Procurement Contracts

The lawyers of TheLawFirm routinely advice and support companies and corporations in the process of bidding procedures up to the award of public contracts for projects, supplies and services and have long experience in the judicial pre-contractual stage and the negotiation and execution of public contracts. Consequently, we also handle all the aforementioned cases resulting in litigation.

- Civil Law

TheLawFirm’ lawyers offer in-depth advise on matters relating to the drafting, execution, implementation, annulment and enforcement of contracts of any kind. We can deal with all civil cases and issues deriving therefrom, such as real estate transactions, sale and purchase contracts, mortgages, civil and commercial lease agreements, securities and liens, family law and inheritance law disputes, acquisition and divestiture of residential apartment complexes and shopping centers. The lawyers of TheLawFirm have built up extensive experience in issues concerning market surveillance within the EU, infrastructure projects and also in projects of building and operation of shopping centers and business parks in Greece and abroad.

- Commercial Law

The lawyers of TheLawFirm have long expertise in negotiating distribution, agency and franchise agreements for products and services, as well as in all other agreements of modern trade. TheLawFirm provides full legal support in the establishment and organization of commercial networks of distributors and franchising networks in many sectors. We have handled numerous cases of clientele indemnification claimed by agents and distributors. We can also deal with cases of Unfair Competition and we provide due diligence work to companies.

- Labor and Employment Law

An important part of our day to day business is handling labor law cases. We have long-standing experience in the labor court practice, and we are able to handle labor actions brought before courts, as well as to render advise to our clients in the fields of labor law, employers' obligations, the procedures for resolving labor disputes and in general provide guidance on the issues arising from an employer – employee relation. Furthermore, we have experience in trade unionism and in collective relations between employers and employees. We have also participated in many collective negotiations, mediations and arbitrations and we have represented clients in all kinds of conflict resolution through administrative bodies of litigation.

- Telecommunications and Media Law

TheLawFirm has successfully represented telecommunications companies in respect to serious regulatory issues before the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (ΕΕΤΤ), the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ΑΔΑΕ). We also provide legal support in the issue of operation permits by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission and in all regulatory matters a telecommunications enterprise may be concerned with, as well as support in the field of compliance with the applicable codes of ethics.

- Competition law

TheLawFirm provides specialized legal services in all the basic areas of Competition law.

Our lawyers hold extensive experience and expertise in handling complex Competition law cases on behalf of major Greek and international companies.

Their experience covers abuse of dominance, antitrust, cartels and merger control cases before the Greek Competition Authorities (Hellenic Competition Commission, National Telecommunications Commission), the European Commission, a number of National Competition Authorities worldwide, as well as before the competent Greek Courts.

They also provide consulting services for the development and implementation of tailor-made Competition compliance programs, the structuring of commercial practices in compliance with the legal restrictions applicable to each company, and the performance of preemptive compliance audits to minimize the risk of possible violations.

- Intellectual Property Rights – Technology and IT law

The lawyers of TheLawFirm have expertise in the identification, protection, exploitation and enforcement of rights in patents, designs, trademarks, copyright, databases, confidential information and related rights. We are specialized in internet law and all its sub-areas e.g. domain names, software copyright and protection, IT contracts for the construction and maintenance of software, protection of personal data and confidential information, e-commerce, technology transfer and know how agreements, setting up of B2B, B2C, portals, market places etc. We have been actively involved in the construction and management of web-based platforms offering copyrighted material and are able to advise our clients regarding any issue related to the safeguarding of Intellectual property rights.

- Public and Administrative Law

TheLawFirm has extensive experience in handling administrative cases pending before administrative courts at all levels, including the Supreme Administrative Court (Conseil d’ Etat). We have the knowledge to handle a variety of administrative disputes, cassation proceedings, including but not limited to tax and social security disputes, Civil servants’ recourses, pension recourses before the Auditor’ s Council, as well as electoral matters. At the same time we have significant expertise in the field of Environmental Law, Land Use and Planning Law.

- Criminal Law

The lawyers of TheLawFirm have significant experience in the field of criminal law. We have handled a variety of criminal offenses during all stages of criminal investigations and all proceedings before the criminal courts. We particularly specialize in white collar crimes.

- M & A – Spin offs – Synergies and Corporate Transformation

TheLawFirm undertakes the establishment of any legal form of companies from their incorporation, through any potential transformation of such into other legal company forms and structures, provides advice on corporate restructurings as well as consultation for the most profitable corporate restructuring and business reforming working closely together with Greek, Cypriot and international accounting firms.

- Banking and Finance - Stock Exchange Law

TheLawFirm maintains wide experience in banking and finance law, as well as stock exchange law. Our lawyers specialize in the drafting of legal documents regarding securities, investment and banking law issues and provide consulting services to listed companies regarding securities law. We also perform legal due diligences and assist at the drafting and submitting of prospectuses to the Hellenic Capital Market Committee (H.C.M.C.) for the listing of companies at the Athens Stock Exchanges (A.S.E.) (IPO or capital increases).

- Corporate Law

The lawyers of TheLawFirm specialize in the establishment of all types of companies, the setting up and relocation of foreign companies and/or their subsidiaries or branches in Greece, as well as the founding of joint-ventures and offshore companies and related tax and banking matters. We have drafted and negotiated numerous shareholders' and partnership agreements, as well as MoU’s and have vast expertise in shareholders' disputes and company law litigation. We are also involved in the preparation of all statutory and non-statutory documents relating to the operation of societes anonymes and limited liability companies, as well as partnerships in Greece and we provide legal support on matters of corporate governance.