The Vision of “TheLawFirm”







TheLawFirm is a young, dynamic legal company. Nevertheless, don't let our fresh faces fool you: we offer years of experience in legal expertise and we strive on developing new approaches to improve the process of rendering legal services at the highest quality level.

As soon as we initiated setting up our “boutique” law firm, our main principle was just one: Legal practice is neither an industry nor a facon practice. The relationship between a lawyer and its client is not commercial. It is a relationship of deep trust and respect, a human bond above all.

A client seeking for legal support is not a consumer entering a store, waiting to be served by the first available employee. A person in quest of legal services should be served by the attorney elected by himself, rather than the attorney indicated by somebody else, in most cases without the client ever realizing it.

The Partners and Associates of TheLawFirm have co-operated with some of the major Greek law firms, have provided legal advice to major Greek and multinational companies and have been involved in major litigation cases and ground-breaking business deals. Having acquired wide experience and having worked close to reputable lawyers, the founders of TheLawFirm decided to establish this legal business with the commitment to offer absolutely individualized and high-quality legal services either to businesses and/or individuals.

At TheLawFirm a case will not just be processed. Your case will become our case and our concern and we will deal with it personally, with a deep respect to its special aspects and in honor of your trust to us.

We have the necessary experience to co-operate with you with sincerity and consistency and we possess all available resources and technology to do so in our man-focused law firm that evolves through its clientele and thrives through the confidence built in a lawyer-client relationship.

Honesty towards the client is basic for TheLawFirm. Tireless advocacy of our client’s interests and effort for success in the most expedient and efficient manner consist our philosophy and our vision. Our primary objective is the effective protection of the interests of our clients with loyalty and dedication. Although our presence at the Court hearings is part of our daily routine, we always seek for exhausting ways to an amicable resolution of our clients’ litigations. This is because we want to win the case, not only the trial. We want to solve the problem, not to perpetuate it. In order to do so we focus on establishing what a win is for the client in the specific circumstances.

We have set up TheLawFirm with an eagerness for work and creativity. We have been encouraged to do so by our clients, colleagues and associates. We make a commitment to be present with perseverance, good will and integrity to face -as legal counsels- all the problems that may arise, for better and for worse... And to do it with credibility, straight talk and without any legal alchemy...



Not just any law firm: TheLawFirm.


     Personal attention with global expertise: Partner level dedication to the client and the project.

     Offering what other law firms rarely talk about: We don't believe in leveraging work down to a corps of less experienced lawyers. Our partners are hands-on trial lawyers who interact with clients on a daily basis.

     Worldwide solutions with a personal focus: Serving clients wherever they do business or require legal representation through a worldwide network of law firms.

     Being accessible, efficient and technologically sophisticated:  Guaranteed response to all inquiries within 24 hours and keeping clients constantly in the loop throughout the duration of the case.

     Creating long lasting and trustworthy relationships with clients: Single-minded focus on clients as people deserving full time engagement, commitment and respect.

     Prevention over prognostication: We like solving your problems when they happen but love anticipating them so they don’t.

     Aggressive representation, leaving no stone unturned: Providing top of the notch legal services and avoiding legal alchemy.

     Expert legal advice at a reasonable cost offering value for money:  Unrivalled and flexible fee structure and up front and ethical fee arrangement.

Last but not least… Loosing or losing is NOT an option!