Who we are

Victoria G. Moutzouridou (Founder - Managing Partner)

Victoria Moutzouridou was born in Athens in 1972. She graduated from Athens College in 1990. In the National Exams (Panelladikes) of 1990 she ranked “first among the first” with 632/640 points.

Victoria graduated from the University of Athens (Faculty of Law) in 1995. She completed her time as a trainee lawyer at the law firm of the Professor at the University of Athens Law School, Dr. Philippos Spyropoulos and co-operated with him during her first steps as an attorney. During this period, Victoria acquired considerable experience in the fields of public, administrative and constitutional law and she successfully handled cases pending before the Supreme Court (Conseil d’ Etat) and other administrative courts.

In 1999 she moved to “Kyriakides-Georgopoulos” law firm (now KGDI), the largest-in terms of size- law firm of Greece, and left from that firm in 2002 with the rank of Senior Associate. During her co-operation with “Kyriakides-Georgopoulos” law firm, Victoria worked as a litigation attorney in the civil courts, defending the interests of large companies in Greece and abroad and she became involved with significant cases and disputes inside and outside Greece.

From 2002 to 2005 Victoria worked as a Senior Associate at “Dryllerakis and Associates” law firm and was nominated Partner in 2006. During this time until 2010 when she left the firm, Victoria handled major litigations and arbitrations (both under the Code of the Civil Procedure and the International Chamber of Commerce - ICC), was involved in major public tenders and procurements and handled complex cases of corporate and commercial law.

Victoria is currently an external legal counsel of Ericsson Hellas S.A. and through this co-operation she is involved in major telecommunications projects.

Victoria is a founding partner of TheLawFirm and she is qualified to practice before all Courts of all degrees (including the Supreme Court). Victoria is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and a member of the Athens Bar Association since 1995. She speaks fluently English and French.

Specialization areas: Litigation & Arbitration, Public Procurements, Telecommunications Law, Civil Law & Civil Procedural Law, Commercial Law, Product Liability, Agency and Distribution Law (specializing in clientele compensation), Mall Commercial Co-operation Agreements.

Email: vm@thelawfirm.gr

Nikos J. Sakellariou (Founder - Managing Partner)

Nikos Sakellariou was born in 1974. He graduated from the University of Athens (Faculty of Law) in 1997. In 1998 he concluded his postgraduate studies at the University of Nottingham, UK and obtained his masters diploma (LL.M.) on European Law. Later on, he served his military service and after completing his time as a trainee lawyer at the law firm of the Professor at the University of Athens Law School, Dr. Philippos Spyropoulos, he was admitted in the Athens Bar as a lawyer in March 2000.

He made his first steps as a freelance lawyer until June 2001 and then he joined “Dryllerakis & Associates” law firm as an associate. He remained in this firm until September 2006 when he founded, along with former Judge Mr. Lambros Georgakopoulos, the law firm "Lambros Georgakopoulos – Nikos Sakellariou" in which he remained as a named partner until September 2010.

Nikos is a founding partner of TheLawFirm, qualified to practice before all Courts of all degrees (including the Supreme Court) and is a member of the Athens Bar Association since 1998. He speaks fluently English.

Throughout the years Nikos has successfully handled numerous cases before civil, criminal and administrative courts and has dealt with groundbreaking business deals in Greece and abroad.

Specialization areas: Litigation, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Real Estate, Commercial Law.

Email: ns@thelawfirm.gr

Angeliki Kanellopoulou (Of Counsel)

Angeliki Kanellopoulou is a Greek qualified attorney, admitted to practice before the Greek Supreme Court and a member of the Athens Bar Association. She holds a Law Degree from the University of Athens (1998) and a Master’s Degree (LL.M.) in International Trade Law from the University of Essex, England (1999) and an Executive MBA from ALBA Business School (2018).

Angeliki is an external counsel to TheLawFirm specializing in Greek and European Competition law. Since December 2006, Angeliki is also Group Competition Counsel to TITAN Cement Group, a Greek-based multiregional cement and building materials producer, where she is in charge of Competition law matters in all countries where the Group operates (European Commission, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, France, the U.K. and U.S.A.). Since 2010, Angeliki also advises and represents Forthnet Group, a Greek telecoms and leading Pay-TV operator, on Competition law matters in Greece and Cyprus (e.g. HCC 538/VII/2012, Cypriot Competition Commission 13/2015).

From 2006 to 2013, Angeliki was of counsel to Sardelas Liarikos & Associates Law Firm on Competition Law, where among others she advised SENCAP, a Contour Global/PPC joint venture, on their dealings with National Competition Authorities worldwide, and provided Competition law advice to the insurance group Aspis Pronea.

During 2007–2009, she was also a scientific advisor to the Greek National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT), participating in six working groups on Competition law. In this capacity, Angeliki consulted on the first ex post investigations and market analysis when the Greek Telecom Regulator was awarded the duties of competition enforcement in the telecoms sector, while she participated in the issuance of leading cases against the former State monopolist telecom incumbent, OTE (ĹĹÔÔ 433/27/3.5.2007, 457/37/18.10.2007, 476/18/22.4.2008, 488/86/15.7.2008, 497/51/3.10.2008, 516/65/26.3.2009).

Prior to that Angeliki was a senior associate with Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm (KGDI) for seven years, where she participated in the handling of some of the then leading cases before the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC 424/V/2008, 327/V/2007, 312/V/2006, 309/V/2006, 293/ÉV/2005, 290/IV/2005, 286/ÉV/2005, 277/IV/2005, 284/ÉV/2005, 269/IV/2004, 207/III/2002), and advised major Greek and international companies, such as Coca-Cola Hellenic, the Greek subsidiary of the Delhaize Group (AB Vassilopoulos), MotorOil Hellas, the Greek subsidiary H.J. HeinzCo(Copais), Halyvourgia Thessalias (now Hellenic Steel), Logstor Holding, MacGREGOR Group, DHL Worldwide Express (member of the Deutsche Post Group), Lord Corporation /Henkel, Andritz/VA Tech Hydro, British American Tobacco Hellas, ÉÂĚ Hellas, the Rocas/Ęone Group joint venture, DHL Hellas, ĚÁRVO (Gillette), McCain Hellas, Barclaycard.

Angeliki is an experienced public speaker and has delivered specialized legal lectures to postgraduate students of the University of Surrey, England, and the University of Piraeus, Greece, numerous lectures and training courses on competition compliance to various corporate clients, and academic presentations in legal conferences.

She is fluent in Greek and English, and speaks basic French.

Email: ak@thelawfirm.gr

Sophia A. Strongylis (Associate)

Sophia Strongylis was born in Athens in 1975. She finished the German School of Athens (Deutsche Schule Athen) in 1993. In 1998 she graduated from the Law School of Bremen, Germany (Iniversitaet Bremen, Jura, 1. Staatsexamen). She completed her lawyer trainee program at the Dryllerakis & Associates Law Firm in 2000. From August 2000 until July 2001 she worked at the law firm of Tolios and Swiddessen in Athens, focusing on the drafting and negotiating of corporate documents for Greek companies and keeping their corporate documentation. In 2002 she graduated from the Law School of Fordham, New York obtaining her masters diploma (LL.M.) on Banking, Corporate and Finance Law.

From October 2002 until October 2003 Sophia joined as a junior associate the law firm of “Tsibanoulis & Associates” in Athens and she drafted and negotiated documents for Greek companies providing investment services, as well as legal documents regarding stock-exchange, securities and investment law issues. She also participated in the drafting and presentation of the Cypriot Securities and Stock-Exchange Laws and Regulations in co-operation with the Cypriot Government, the Stock-Exchange, Capital Market Committee and the Ministry of Finance.

From November 2003 to July 2008 Sophia has worked at “Dryllerakis & Associates” law firm in Athens. During her co-operation, Sophia drafted commercial, distribution and licensing contracts and participated in corporate restructuring (M&A and take-overs). She also drafted and negotiated documents for Greek companies providing investment services, as well as legal documents regarding stock-exchange, securities and investment law issues. She participated in legal actions concerning capital market legislation and consulted listed companies regarding capital market legislation. Sophia was also engaged in legal due diligence for listing in the Athens Stock Exchange as well as for company acquisitions.

Sophia is currently an in-house legal counsel of a Group of companies in Kifissia, Greece and works as an external counsel for The Law Firm. She is qualified to practice before all Appellate Courts and is a member of the Athens Bar Association since 2000. Her native tongues are German and Greek, she speaks fluently English and has a good basic level of French longue knowledge.

Specialization areas: Corporate, M&A, Commercial, Securities and Finance law.

Email: ss@thelawfirm.gr

Maria S. Athanassiou (Associate)

Maria Athanassiou was born in Arta in 1987. She graduated from the University of Athens (Faculty of Law) in 2011. While a student at the University during the period 2006-2008, she has worked in another law firm. She has worked in our law firm as a trainee lawyer until March 2013 and she is currently an associate.

She is a member of the Athens Bar Association and licensed to practice before all first instance Courts. She’s also fluent in English.

Email: ma@thelawfirm.gr